Listening Exercises 4: Practice TOEFL Test Two

1. B. Let the man finish the work.
2. D. She’ll look for Pete’s keys in the car.
3. C. He is surprised that the woman is enjoying herself.
4. C. He is surprised that the woman is enjoying herself.
5. B. He’ll get the cleaning on the way home.
6. A. The man is quite right about the exam.
7. B. He will have a heavy load at the university.
8. A. He’ll start moving out this week.
9. D. She doesn’t have time to travel.
10. A. Drink some more coffee
11. B. Pam’s friends are helping her with her died.
12. B. They have arrived early
13. A. The woman doesn’t have any more papers to do.
14. D. He hasn’t had time to put the back pack on.
15. B. They can’t find their landlord.
16. C. He had’t tried to get a scholarship.
17. B. Their house needs cleaning.
18. B. She’s looking forward to going skiing.
19. C. She’ll come back in an hour to print her printer.
20. C. He’s working hard so he can take the summer off to write
21. A. He uses phone a lot
22. A. She isn’t feeling well.
23. C. She should be more careful at night
24. A. She is tired of violent films
25. B. He doesn’t have any time to go get his thesis.
26. B. She feels the same about chemistry as she does about Spanish.
27. A. She has more cars than The man does.
28. C. She’s afraid that she might be lost
29. C. He wants to listen to the weather report before he decided
30. A. Janet’s heavy workload is causing her serious health problems

Part B (CT2LB
31. D. Finishing his history project
32. D. To invite her out to the movies.
33. D. She teaches folktales to children.
34. A. He didn’t have enough money.

Part B (CT2LB

35. A. He thinks it’s high considering the type of work he is doing
36. C. She was supposed to work at the Lincoln Inn, but they told her they
didn’t need her anymore
37. B. He doesn’t think the Lincoln Inn needs any more help right now.

Part C (CT2LC)

38. B. They were sold unassembled with instructions for putting them
39. A. Small engine mechanics
40. C. Too much to do if workers were given responsibility for quality control
41. C. Most people can’t afford to buy a car unless they work on an assembly
42. B. It put a lot of peopel out of jobs
43. B. ambulance drivers as the “lost generation.
44. C. His love of the sport of bullfighting
45. C. They all had active memories of their service in the war
46. C. He had recorded all his life about the need to face difficulty with
47. A. Insecticides reduce the amount of pollen and nectar produced by
48. C. By providing large amounts of protein and carbohydrates, which are
bad for pests.
49. C. Some look only in plants which produce pollen; others look only in
nectar-producing plants.
50. B. Specialists eat bugs; generalists eat plants.

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