Listening 3 Exercises: Practice TOEFL Test One

  1. A. She doesn’t understand the intructions
  2. C. It is taking him a long time to write his paper
  3. D. Smooking probably isn’t permitted here
  4. C. She won’t have time for a vacation
  5. D. He’d like some  more in a little while
  6. C. She isn’t sure he’ll come to work today
  7. D. She didn’t like the last long
  8. A. It is not a bad idea to telephone the college
  9. B. Housekeeper
  10. B. Read the instructions for setting up his computer
  11. C. She is talking on the phone
  12. D. He needed to take the invitation to the women
  13. A. Susan only has three classes
  14. D. The garden doesn’t need any more water
  15. D. Their project will be the best
  16. C. She won’t be able to join them for dinner
  17. D. He will finally have time to visit her in the hospital tomorrow
  18. A. She wasn’t as qualified as the other applicants
  19. C. Make her mother’s package look more like a gift
  20. B. He doesn’t have any time to talk
  21. B. Ask Susan if she will take him to the airport
  22. C. She will reschedule the meeting for the end of this week
  23. B. He doesn’t mind meeting at the library.
  24. A. He will be checking out several references
  25. B. Buy her a soda
  26. B. The woman should avoid eating in restaurants
  27. C. Greg doesn’t do any socializing
  28. B. She doesn’t agree with what the professor said.
  29. C. He wanted to go skying
  30. D. Make sure all of Ben’s friends have been invited.
  31. A. The man told her
  32. C. She agreed that the Heart Association is a worthy organization
  33. A. She will sell raffle tickets
  34. C. He will have time off after the winter season
  35. B. She had to fill out a survey after her class
  36. C. A pessimist usually doesn’t take advantage of life experiences
  37. A. Optimists use their consciences to their advantage
  38. D. In a museum
  39. C. He was the first man to cross the Potomac River
  40. A. The Potomac River
  41. B. Buy a commemorative stamp
  42. A. They use landmarks to navigate
  43. D. They use the stars and some innate magnetic sense
  44. C. The bird was able to find its way home under seemingly impossible circumstances
  45. B. Biology
  46. D. All we need to do is wait, ocean birds will show us how they navigate
  47. A. Parents tend to want and love their first-born children more than the others.
  48. A. Children’s personalities are fixed by birth order and nothing can be done about it.
  49. B. The middle child gets better quality attention and more love from the parents
  50. A. First-born children are under a lot of pressure to complete successfully since they are so outnumbered

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