Answer The Question 5

1. A. The evolution of the horse

2. D. They maintain a record of life prior to the Miocene Age

3. B.  Caused

4. A. Horses appeared long before human beings according to the theories of geologists.

5. A. The hipparions migrated to Europe to feed in developing grasslands.

6. C.  Nonexistent

7. A. Miocene Period was prior to the Pleistocene

New Vocabulary 5

1. sedimentary : endapan

2. insights : wawasan

3. herds : ternak

4. climatic : iklim

5. extinct : punah

6. dawning : fajar

7. agriculture : pertanian

8. descendant : keturunan

9. domesticated : dijinakkan

10. paleontological : paleontologi

11. instigated : dihasut/menghasut

12. continents : benua

13. grazing : pengembalaan

14. mainly : terutama

15. shrubs  : semak


Listening Comprehension Section Test

  1. D. He agrees with the woman
  2. A. He hasn’t spoken to her for awhile.
  3. C. In a grocery store
  4. A. She’s going to bed
  5. A. She doesn’t like the painting
  6. C. The woman should study for both tests
  7. D. Frustrated
  8. A. He has to check on a few things first
  9. B. He didn’t actually make it home
  10. A. She has finished her writing
  11. D. That the weather would be too bad for traveling
  12. B. She will show the man where to go
  13. C. His dictionary is not available right now
  14. B. It’s too noisy to hear the birds now
  15. A. He knows a tour guide in the park
  16. B . She always works at night
  17. D. She’ll think about going out tomorrow
  18. B. He doesn’t sell books anymore
  19. C. She didn’t get to see Jack’s new car
  20. D. The rooms haven’t been cleaned yet
  21. A. Clara might be are now ready
  22. A. Move to a more affordable apartment
  23. D. He will do some work with the women in May
  24. C. She wonders when Karen can help her write the test
  25. B. She hasn’t been able to find the book
  26.  D. The man’t problem could easily be solved
  27.  A. The wind will not last through the night
  28.  B. She is majoring in English
  29.  A. Start coming to meetings on time
  30.  A. He doesn’t know why Sharon didn’t bother to come to the meeting
  31.  B. The effects of hard water
  32.  C. Difficult
  33.  B. Buying a machine
  34.  B. Buy some water-softening powder
  35. B. Transportation arrangements
  36. C. He won’t be able to borrow his father’s van
  37. C. He will be flying in from chicago earlier that evening
  38. C. He is quite sure it won’t be a problem
  39. A. A branch of biology
  40. A. Categorize major groups of organisms
  41. A. Because there are too many of them
  42. B. Their activities and functions
  43. C. To describe the scarifies necessary to be on the running team
  44. A. Rest all day
  45. D. Team members will be too tired to do much on the weekend
  46. A. Practice will begin
  47. D. Intensely dramatic paintings of the sea
  48. B. The depiction of the violence or near-violence of country life
  49. B. A single man, a small boat and an unfriendly sea
  50. C. To convey a strong feeling of light